How much does it cost to sponsor a Shabbos at the gravesite of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk?

1,500 guests
Three meals for every guest + unlimited drinks and cakes
Melaveh Malkah
Four huge tents, 1000 square meter each
1,500 beds + 1,500 bed linens
Endless towels
Constantly operating lighting system
Central heating system
And more...

No less than 300,000 dollars for one such Shabbos!!!

The donors who contribute to 'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' merit witnessing great salvations!
The names of the donors will be mentioned at the gravesite of the holy Rabbi Elimelech and will be passed on to the leading Rebbes in Israel, who will pray on their behalf.

Please mention your full name as well as your mother's full name when contributing.

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תרומות עבור היכל קדישא

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