The Yahrtzeit

The Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk, of blessed memory, takes place on the 21st of Adar.

And Everyone Shall Flock to You

Whoever finds himself in Lizhensk on the 21st of Adar – might mistakenly think that he is in Meron…A huge crowd, overflowing excitement, feelings of yearning and an ever-present sense of holiness that lingers in the air. All hearts are open, wide open.

A strong light aluminates the site. Huge projectors are operated and light up the whole area in what seems like bright day-light. A steady flow of people who surge to enter the tent are seen, however few are seen to exit.
Like the Holy Land which expands itself according to the amount of its inhabitants, so does the tent allow all visitors in, and there is enough space for each and every Jew. As some go out, others come in, in a steady flow, while one Jew graciously makes place for another; many bodies but one, collective soul – one heart that prays, yearns and hopes.

'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' has erected a mechitzah that separates the men form the women and allows for the women to come as close as possible to the grave from the backside.

A Hearty Meal

Prior to approaching the gravesite, many visitors feel that they have to be 'thawed' from the freezing Polish cold. The intense cold not only immobilizes the body, but also numbs the soul.
The solution to this problem can be found on the opposite side…on the huge site where hearty meals are served in a dizzying speed.

Hot vegetable soup, spicy lokshen kugel and delicious potato kugel are served and body and soul are nourished and satiated as one. Why, after such a hearty meal, the prayers are more intense than ever…
One diner finishes and leaves, and another takes his place. The meals are served in a rapid pace, blessings are recited and the meals are eaten with much pleasure and satisfaction. Drinks are constantly being refilled. A large staff of volunteers stands ready to serve the visitors.

At the gravesite, Jews from diverse backgrounds all stand in harmony, each and every one of them like an only son…That one prays amid sobs and cries of despair, while this one recites a heartfelt prayer of gratitude and joy. All prayers join together and ascend the heavens with a tremendous power.




Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk , 5314 16 Ave#416 Brooklyn NY 11204 , phone: 800.871.8454 / 917.586.4724