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Countless stories of salvations come forth from the gravesite of the holy Rabbi Elimelech. The prayers at his grave bring on miracles and many people throughout the years have merited personal salvations after visiting the gravesite.

Even more incredible are the stories of those who lend a helping hand to the organization and contribute their time and money to this project either by volunteering or by donating money. Their merit is beyond description!
A staff comprised of four volunteers is responsible for the enormous logistic planning which has to be conducted prior to the Yahrtzeit. These devoted volunteers constantly tell us about the miraculous salvations which they have merited to witness with their own eyes!
Countless Jews support the organization with their donations, and thereby enable other Jews to visit the holy site and pray for their own personal salvation. As 'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' bears the financial responsibility for this huge project all by itself with no government funding, each contribution is precious.
You can also be a partner!

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תרומות עבור היכל קדישא
Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk , 5314 16 Ave#416 Brooklyn NY 11204 , phone: 800.871.8454 / 917.586.4724