Whatever is Necessary for Everyone

Today, it is easier than ever to travel to Lizhensk.
The charter flights land in Raisha, a Polish town only a forty-minute drive away from Lizhensk. No more rickety buses and bone-breaking four and a half hour drives. Well in Lizhensk, a hot meal awaits each visitor, and on the Yahrtzeit tens of thousands of meals stand ready. Tens of thousands! Unlimited hot and cold drinks are available around the clock and several bedrooms are offered to anyone who wants to rest for a while. Clean and spacious restrooms are accessible at any time.

Nobody can imagine what a fortune this pleasure costs…
The whole site is surrounded by heavy security. Special contacts with the local police and the Polish army have enabled the employment of professional security guards who have undergone extensive training in anti-terror units. A strong and sophisticated intelligence network has been built up; in anti-Semitic Europe, no one is going to risk taking a chance.

Large and clear signs, detailed maps, information boots and personal safes for depositing valuable possessions are only a small part of the free services that the public receives. Someone even worries about clearing the roads from the snow so that they will be easily accessible.
Who is that somebody, and who bears the enormous responsibility for all these services?

'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' – is the organization that stands behind all this!

Who orders several tons of fruit, vegetables, grape juice and other food items? Who pays for the encompassing lighting system, the army of security guards, the heating system, the building, the caravan of the Cohanim and the mikvahs? Who is responsible for the continuous maintenance of the site throughout the year?

'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' is the one and only organization which takes care of all the above-mentioned issues. It is 'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' that witnesses the constant increase of visitors each year and prepares itself accordingly.

Without government funding, without a steady source of income, but with outstanding and unprecedented self-sacrifice – the administrators of the organization take the heavy burden of financing this colossal project on their own shoulders. Because if they would not do it – nobody would, and it would be next to impossible to visit the gravesite of the holy Rabbi Elimelech.

When the Heart is Open – the Hand is Open

Each year, more and more Jews express their genuine will to assist in financially supporting the organization. Each one contributes whatever he has the means to – one donates a large sum while another can only afford a small sum – but the picture is clear. Everyone wants to give something. Everyone wants to take an active part in this special project.
Some Jews offer a pair of volunteering hands for difficult labor, a pair of feet for uninterrupted standing or a pair of arms for lifting, carrying, building and disassembling, while others start volunteering weeks before the Yahrtzeit with the complex logistic pre-arrangements and detailed organizing and planning. What a tremendous merit it is to volunteer in this special organization that enables thousands of heartfelt prayers to be said at the gravesite of the holy No'am Elimelech!

All the staff-members - and they are indeed many – are also volunteers. For each and every one of them the time surrounding the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk is the prime time of the year…they merit zechusim which other people envy!

And the countless stories of salvations – flood the site, as they flood the heart with elevated excitement and flood the eyes with warm tears.

People have undertaken to pay for the heated water in the mikvahs, for the security guards, for the eternal candle, for the transportation, for the cooks and the cleaners, as well as for the logistic expenses of the Yahrtzeit.
And the people have volunteered –come back with incredible stories of personal salvations…

One cannot fathom the tremendous zechus!

Thanks to 'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' – the conditions at the site are very comfortable.

Following are some of the services that are offered in Lizhensk:

  • A large and spacious synagogue with mehudar Torah scrolls. The synagogue is heated during the cold winter months.

  • A heated mikvah, dressing rooms and showers. Fresh and clean towels.

  • A dining room where fresh, hot meals are served to each visitor throughout the year. The dining hall is open from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. and there is no need to make early reservations. The kashrus is reliable and during the year, the bread is purchased from the local bakery (checked by a kashrus supervisor of Rabbi Landau). During the Yahrtzeit, several kashrus supervisors are constantly present on the premises.

  • If you wish to visit at other hours, you have to verify the availability of the security personnel.

  • A special security guard has the keys to the gravesite and is available to assist the visitors at any time during the day or night, throughout the year. It is accepted to tip him for overexerting himself.

  • An updated map with outlined access routes to the gravesite is available on the premises. The whole surrounding area is signposted by 'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk'.

  • Bedrooms are available on Yahrtzeit only.

  • Safes for depositing valuable possessions are available on Yahrtzeit only.
For groups who are interested in spending a Shabbos at the site throughout the year – early reservations must be made at least three weeks prior to the planned visit. 'Hachnassas Orchim Lizhensk' will provide for all the needs of the visitors.

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