Lizhensk – A Center of Attraction for Every Jew

The cords that are stuck in the hearts of countless people worldwide when hearing the word 'Lizhensk' - attest to the uniqueness of the site, which attracts thousands of Jews annually.
The holy Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen of Radomsk, of blessed memory, said:

"On the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Elimelech, he hovers over his gravesite and blesses with his two hands whoever approaches his grave"

There is nothing more to add…

The yearning to merit praying at his gravesite, at least once, surges in the hearts of every Jew, and it is tenfold stronger in the heart of a Chassidic Jew. The eternal promise, that whoever visits the gravesite of Rabbi Elimelech will not die without repenting, is forever engraved and imprinted in all hearts in fire and blood…imagine, not leaving this world without repenting!

And more and more people come…

They come on the Yahrtzeit, they come throughout the year, they come on weekdays and they come on Shabbos. A Jew cannot remain the same person after visiting the gravesite of Rabbi Elimelech…
And thus expressed himself Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimanov many years ago:
"It is a segulah for repentance to visit the grave of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk on his Yahrtzeit".
It is now wonder, then, that whoever returns from Lizhensk does so with a glowing face!?
The gravesite of Rabbi Elimelech is different from the gravesites of other righteous men. It is indeed beyond our grasp, but we cite:
"Rabbi Elimelech has requested that he not ascend too high, for he wishes to stay connected with the People of Israel in this world" (Otzar Yisrael)"
The Tzheshinover Rebbe has said that "there is no reason to travel to the gravesites of tzaddikim before or after their Yahrtzeit, except to the gravesite of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk and Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, to where it is good to travel at any time throughout the year. This stems from the fact that the soul of a deceased tzaddik hovers over his grave only on his Yahrtzeit, however Rabbi Elimelech and Rabbi Chaim of Sanz are constantly connected to this world."

Jews from all over the world travel to Lizhensk, from the time of Rabbi Elimelech's passing and till today.
Leading Rabbis have constantly been visiting the gravesite of Rabbi Elimelech, and showed the way for others. Generations upon generations of Jews have visited the gravesite amid strong yearning and offered their heartfelt prayers on the site.

And just like it was during his lifetime, when the Chassidic court which Rabbi Elimelech had established in Lizhensk served as a channel to Heavenly Blessings, to true repentance and love and fear of G-d – so too may it continue being a spiritual center, after his passing, till the arrival of Moshiach, speedily in our days, amen.

During the Holocaust, when the cursed Nazis conquered Lizhensk and saw countless Jews falling over the grave in tears, they ordered to open the grave and see what was in it. When they opened the grave and saw a whole body, complete to the very last detail, wrapped up in a tallis with his face aglow – they fled for their very lives and all the Jews who had fallen on the grave were miraculously speared…

An old, simple man who resided in Jerusalem was suffering enormous pains. However, even though the pains intensified extremely – the man did not die. When people came to visit him he would plead with them to pray that he should breathe his last breath and succumb to his unbearable pain and suffering.

The visitors had pity on him and indeed prayed that he should pass away, but every time he was on the brink of dying – he was somehow revived and continued living.

One of his visitors was a dear friend who asked the old man to tell him about his past, from the time he was a youngster and till today. Understandably, many details were forgotten and many incidents had disappeared from his mind, yet one detail which he remembered was that he had passed through Lizhensk as a child.

When his friend heard that, he instantly thought that perhaps that fact has something to do with the unusual situation of his (not) dying friend.

"When you passed through Lizhensk as a child, did you pray at the grave of Rabbi Elimelech?" he asked his suffering friend.

"Is it possible to pass by Lizhensk without praying at the gravesite of Rabbi Elimelech!?" answered the old man.

"If so, now I understand why you are not passing away. Rabbi Elimelech promised that whoever prays at his grave, will not die without repenting. Therefore, you should repent and then you will die, at last."

And so it was…
The old man said vidui with tremendous concentration, and as he was reciting the Shema prayer – his soul left his body!

Such stories are vastly famous in various versions!  





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